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      technical support

      Provide you with comprehensive training courses, whether installation, debugging or use methods. We provide training to enable you to acquire relevant knowledge

      Quality assurance

      We always follow the quality policy of being responsible for each process, each product and each user

      Worry free distribution

      For the delivery of all products, the distribution center will contact the logistics company to deliver them to the place designated by the customer within the specified time

      After-sale service

      Regular follow-up visits and after-sales improvement; Provide one-year free warranty from the date of acceptance (only responsible for instrument failure caused by non-human factors)

      — Product Center —

      Quality is the life of an enterprise. Keep improving at all levels. We will try our best to save you worry

      — Customer case —

      We are committed to becoming a comprehensive supplier of scientific research and experimental equipment trusted by customers, and intelligent design makes experiments easier

      — News center —

      Your concerns are headlines. We all understand your concerns. More than 60 senior R & D engineers continue to innovate. It can provide users with 98 solutions.

      Company dynamics More
      Technical support More

      — About xingshuo —

      For more than ten years, the company has been guided by the market and user needs, centered on scientific and technological progress, and followed the pace of the times.

      Guangzhou xingshuo Instrument Co., Ltd

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